So long

It has been the longest time I’ve left this blog behind. There are words running through my fingertips every time when I come revise my favourite blogs.

Life changes drastically? Well, in fact, it does.

Working life does not seem to be easy. I guess I’m starting to get use of the environment, starting to be on track of my duties, I am all good, I guess.

I’m not going to write much on this post, as I’ll have to go work at 11 later. Oh boy! I should start shower myself now….



I got myself two books from Read Malaysia book fair last week. 


and this 


Yaya, I’m into pretty girls lately, literally. nyahhhh~~~  

I have finish reading the first book. She is a Taiwan blogger, check out her blog to know more about beauty tips. hehe. Add another blog to my must-read-list now. ^0^ 

Oh my~ I have discovered a super duper decent online boutique, MIHARA, from her blog. >~<  

I am so so so in ❤❤ (double the heart to show how much I love!!!) with their items!!!!  

Omg!!!!! cannot resist man!!!! I mean the clothes, not man… ><  

Anyway, I find myself are incredibly into items which are nude/ beige/ baby pink in colour!! ❤  

Come, in case you’re lazy bug who doesn’t give a damn to click on the link I put, or you are not interested in clothes, whatever reason it is. Imma showing some of my favourites here! ❤❤❤ 

#1: Waaaaa! Leng dou!!!! Both the top and the bottom are pretty!!

~~~~!!!! I WANT the top, the hat, the bangle and this kind of photo!!! *yelling my throat out* *begging* 

#3: Feel like a princess~  

#4: I love the dress on left!!!! so nice ah! Or I’ve already fallen to that girl, I love every single piece on her. >~< 

#5: What can I say… these colours make people look fairer, rosy, soft and gentle~~~ *woot woot* 

#6: Ruffle top!!! Good ah!!! 

*drooling* I have been eyeing on the website for hours, checking piece by piece. Indulge myself with all the vintage and lovely pictures. =( I don’t know how can I get these… seems like you have to bid to get the item. Somemore it’s from Taiwan, I dare not to take risk to bear on expensive clothes, extra courier fees, bad quality (according to Benshee the blogger, the quality of their clothes are superb!!) and so on. T________________T  *heart break*  

Can someone take photos like these for me? I buy him/ her lunch? dinner? or maybe altogether 3 meals?? lolz tell me how can you resist to not like those photos!!! So amazingly pretty, at least I think so. =)  

Hmph~ I shall find a day to revamp my blog layout to nude/ beige colour! hehe.  

Oh my~ where’s penny and where’s pretty clothes??  

Staring at the screen miserably, I want own all these! nyahhhh~

Wokay, I’ve been facing computer since morning till now. Should rest my eyes a while.

Till then. ❤

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Minor spring cleaning

From this

to this







DA DA!! Neat and organised! =)

And from this (sorry, this is even worse…)to this








DA DA!! *pat myself*

Not only my things have become more handy,it just brighten up my mood when I complete the spring clean. =D

For the sake of update

God knows when I’ve fallen into film whilst many people out there fancy for edge-cutting DSLR.

I am confused on which camera to buy, and recently borrow one from Fook Soon, to explore.

#1. LC-A, it is so classic, so beautiful. =)

Sadly, I am so dumb that I don’t really know how to use it. I was extremely excited once I entered the first roll and started clicking here and there, up and down, north and south.

90% of my photos cannot be seen, they are blurred and turn out to be unidentified items.

Here are the 10% which still need a bit editing (brighten and sharpen to be exact) using photoshop.

#2. Evening view in Sungai Chua.

#3. Legs under the table, when I’m fatt pei hei-ing in the restaurant.

I am sure that I can take more nice photos there if I in a good mood. Blame me and my lousy EQ. =(

#4. Lamp post. Too dark…

#5. Healthy dose the day. =)

#6. I was supposed to be the subject to be focus on, rather than the background.

#7. How great if I can get a clearer picture of this.

#8. Sharpen gao gao in order to see the features on our faces, can you imagine how blur is the original photo? *fainted*

Anyhow, should I count this as my second roll of film? As the first roll captured using Shane’s cousin’s lomo has sent to develop. I shall not expect much, so I wont be shock again.

Still, I’m want to play more lomo! Practices makes perfect! What’s next? Smena? come on, baby~!

and here, I want to apologise to Fook Soon for not taking good care of his camera… =( I’m so guilty and I should slap myself. =(


I have beg Shane to go Ikea with me for God knows how many times.

Not like I’m moving in a new home, not like I have money to spend. Merely, the urge to see beautiful furniture striked!

And there we went!

#9. Flowery top from Ping! Love it so much! thanks!! and it fits me perfectly!❤

Heard a lot of good comments on the foods in Ikea restaurant. Therefore, we decided to give it a try.

 #10. Ginger glazed salmon. It tasted not so nice to me, not a good one.  

 #11. 10 meatballs with fries!!!! ❤ Berry delicious! 
#12. Daim cake which is so so good!!! Thumbs up although it is a little too sweet, still, taste very good.

#13. Hello Shane.  =.=

 #14. Me, trying to pout. He used to ask me pose ugly face expression… =( but this one is not too bad? haha

#15. Best buy of the day. Well, if you’re familiar enough with Ikea, you might know this table lamp is not a new thing, However, I heart it from the beginning till now! and now it is belongs to Shane. cheh~

Wokay, that’s all for now. I’m so short of topic to talk about.

Pray for me to get a decent job faster! Jobless days is dreadful!!! Ciaoz~

❤ you girls

This is the real cupcake.

And this is the fake cupcake. @@ H&M lip gloss from Kim!!! very cute!

DADA~! Kim po is back!!! =D So many to catch up so many to talk. Forgive me for wearing the same outfit often, I’m jobless and really have to save money now. =(

Ping po also back to Malaysia! However, I haven’t really taken photo with her… sowie~~~

Esprit flowery tank top from Yoke Ping!!!! THANKS!!!! like like like!!!

They used to surprise me everytime they’re back from the UK and US.  *big grin*


 Long waited Chloe Eau De Parfum!!!!!!❤❤❤❤ I smell real good now!!! =)

Epilogue and beginning

To my suprise, a famous blogger has recently lost her mojo to blog. I have missed out hundreds of blog posts (from a several bloggers) that I used to revise everyday since I started working. Everything in this world keeps changing, the planet earth keeps spining, nothing stays forever. To my another suprise, a blogger who were so in love with her bf, has just broken up 5 months ago. Many things happened in a rather short period, both in my life and their life.

After so long, I finally feel like sitting down and write something. I have just ended my first job in life, and hunting for the second one. I dare not to say that the company isn’t suit me. I am just not good enough to be fit in that industry anymore.

Frankly speaking, I have no regret to enter or to leave this company. I gained and of course I lost, both are equally important to me. Despite all the dramas happened on me, working life makes me feel like an adult, literally. You don’t have ‘friend’ in your workplace, no, I’m not saying that you couldn’t have one. Still, you have to be responsible to yourself, your task and your company. Everything assigns to you is on your shoulder. You can’t expect others to carry part of the weight for you, well, what I’m saying is on their own will.

You might face people who just couldn’t get along well with you, they might talk to you in somehow impolite way (which they don’t think so); you might encounter disagreement, objection, or even disappointment. Of course, not too bad all the time. You will still find some trivial things to enligthen you and gain back some strength to fight again.

It was a place for me to learn, to grow, and to experience.

I don’t know where’s the next place I’ll be heading to. What I know is there are different obstacles, different people are waiting at the other sides.

People gain courage through experience. I need courage and I need experience.

Anticipating for the next challenge! I am ready.

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